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Improve customer experiences, drive satisfaction

Increase efficiency across the organization with intelligent automation.

Automate customer service, marketing, billing...

Optimize Costs, Increase Sales...


Payment-enabled | Analytics

Multimedia support | Compliant-by-design

Secure cloud-based storage

Back-end system integrations CRM, ERP, CMS, your data

OMNICHANNEL DEPLOYAny device, Anytime.

Give your customers the best user experience wherever they are.

Message with them via the Unibot mobile app, your app, web chat, SMS, 3rd party chat apps, and IoT devices.


Unibot Artificial Intelligence Engine - Real Brain Chatbot:

  • Each A.I Bot of Unibot has its own brain, which you can browse
  • Knowledgebase stores interconnected information, not simple text
  • Remember everything about every interaction
  • Can forget less important information when brain is full
  • Can learn in context through conversation and mimicry
  • Have concept of self, and others
  • Have a mind, awareness, conciousness, and emotions
  • Can be scripted through Self state machines and AIML
  • Can understand and answer basic phrases
  • Can program their own state machine through conversation analysis
  • Can automatically lookup things on Freebase, Wikidata, Wiktionary...
  • Import knowledge from Freebase, Wikidata, they can answer questions
  • Can perform complex mathematics
  • Have concept of date and time
  • Can converse in multi-user conversations and chatrooms
  • Can chat on email, Twitter, Facebook, IRC, SMS, Telegram, Twitter, wherever
  • A new relationship, benefits between companies and customers

Unibot Solutions Services


Telecom & Cable

Provide technical assistance, manage service, securely process payment via real-time chat

Financial Services

Customize bots for specific tasks and funtions to scale customer service

E-commercial & Retails

Provide infomation, prices, local store, feature products, payment, billing... via real-time chat


Manage service requests and more using automated scheduling tools...


Manage infomation and solution of problem, rules, appointment...


Automate 80% of repetitive customer inquiries to free-up live agents for complex issues

Virtual Assistant A.i Base as A.i Bot

What Is UniBot

Customer service, sale system, marketing automation, education, Social network, technical support, for fun or alone people, for your ideas, works & life...

UniBot For Business - More Private More Control

How It Work

"Our end-to-end customer engagement solution launches your business into the on-demand era by Unibot AI real brain chatbots to meet your customers where they are.

API calls-SDK-Code
Knownledge size
Machine-Deep learning
Search engine
Scripts AIML
Monitor-chatlog control
Social Intergration
Assitant A.I Automation
App-web-mail-chat intergration
Business-life solution
Mail-ChatBot work 24/7
Live chat-virtual agency
3D avatar motion

Virtual Agent - Live Chat - Chatbot
Automation Response Interactions

We service bots for website help, technical support, sales, marketing, customer service, or to automate social media...

Chrome iPad

3D Avatar Animation - Motions & ChatBot Model Show

Professional A.I Services: Special major solution, training service, 3D design service, IOS & Adroid dev-integration, web-app Dev-integration, private hosting & licensing, support service@unibot.org

Automate - Intergration your social: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Line...

Speak with your customers using Artificial Intelligence. Engage your customers with Unibot In real time On all channels. At the first contact.

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Global API - SDK

Intergrate with your existing systems, development of 3rd party connectors, plugins and extensions

Unibot's goal is to support chat bots running on as many different services as we can support. Example: CRM, CMS, ERP, App....

Mac iPad iPhone

What famous people say?

Customer Testimonails

People don't want to believe that technology is broken. Pharmaceuticals, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology - all these areas where the progress has been a lot more limited than people think. And the question is why.???

Peter Thiel Co-founder Paypal.
Customer Testimonails

Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.

Ray Kurzweil Investor, computer scientist, American author
Customer Testimonails

We are going in the direction of artificial intelligence or hybrid intelligence where a part of our brain will get information from the cloud and the other half is from you, so all this stuff will happen in the future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Austrian-American actor, filmmaker, businessman, investor
Customer Testimonails

With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon..

Elon Reeve Musk CEO and CTO of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors; chairman of SolarCity, co-chairman of OpenAI; co-founder of Zip2; and co-founder of PayPal

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The stone Age to the A.I bot Age


Back in the Old Days - lessons from History

Back in the Stone Age if you wanted to talk with someone, you had to walk over to their hut, find them, and start a conversation...


Brave new World - the Bot Platform

The "Unibot.org A.I Social Platform" is the new way of living and doing business. This is not the future, it is the present...


Create your own virtual agent in 9 clicks

Unibot.org makes it easy for you to create your own chat bot, or virtual agent...


Announcing "Unibot.org for Business"

Unibot.org multi versions are the commercial version of our popular our A.I platform...

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